AI-driven Distribution platform

for Connected insurance

Global. B2B2C. Embedded Insurance.


Plug&Play insurance

distribution channels

Our Data-driven technology

leverages data streams from customer touchpoints, life events, and 3rd party sources to create connected insurance

products that fit perfectly to our

everyday lives and can be offered

by business partners at the most

relevant moment.



Get inspired by our creations




Connected car



Digital life insurance

Small business

cyber insurance


On-Demand travel insurance  


Insurance product factory
connected insurance

Accelerating the creation of data-driven,
connected insurances.

From on-demand riders insurance to connected personal cyber insurance, our insurance products are designed to be offered with the products and services that are part of our everyday lives.

On-Demand. Usage Base. Bespoke.


Events cruncher 

Proactively respond in real-time to the changing environment and customer risks

apfie is using a data-driven approach and machine learning to create smart insurance that understands

the customer’s life journey, lifestyle, and risk in real-time.  

Enhance engagement and protection with true moments of delight based on customers’ real-world journey.

Event-driven. Proactive. Personalized.

Maximize sales

AI-based customer acquisition management

The first self optimized customer acquisition management insurance platform.

apfie is tracking the entire customer lifecycle

from the first impression to retention.

We use behavioral analytics and machine learning to automatically optimize the acquisition processes.   

Flexible customer journeys. Maximum conversion.

The next generation of underwriting 


Continuous Intelligence

We collect meaningful data from diverse sources before, during, and after the risk evaluation timeframe to proactively extract relevant and predictive insights.

Our insurance products are dynamic and flexible enough to allow policy terms to change as continuous data is obtained and assimilated.

Data-driven. Real-time, Proactive.


Personal cyber insurance

On-Demand riders insurance

Shared-mobility insurance

Connected cyber insurance

On-Demand travel insurance

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