Connected Insurances for our

everyday lives

apfie helps Insurers and businesses to create new revenue streams by leveraging customer touchpoints and data to offer connected insurances seamlessly embedded into the products that are part of our everyday lives.

Connected Insurance ecosystem 

The Problem

From mobility and travel to healthcare and retail, companies are reshaping traditional industries, breaking apart old value chains, and reassembling them into customer-focused digital ecosystems. We live in an interconnected society yet Insurance remains static and disconnected from our life journey.

The insurance industry is facing a challenge and distribution can no longer be limited to traditional channels.

The Solution

We want people to live their lives with peace of mind. We want them to be covered doing the usual things they do every day. 

apfie protects individuals by empowering businesses. We enable businesses (Banks, Telcos, Micro mobility operators, Retailers, etc.) to offer protection to their customers with personalized insurance as a true value-added service integrated seamlessly into their products, in other words, we present customers with insurance options that are relevant to them at precise moments when that insurance is the most needed, and best of all, it’s seamlessly embedded into their everyday lives.

And for Insurers? to them, we enable the creation and distribution of smart and cost-effective insurance products, designed for the digital era. We’ve built an insurance product factory, powered by event sourcing technology and AI, which leverages data from customer touchpoints, 3rd party sources, IoT, and Sensors to build data-driven insurance offerings that fit perfectly into our daily lives.


Ecosystem Mindset

"Ecosystems—interconnected sets of services in a single integrated experience—have emerged across industries, as have platforms that connect offerings from cross-industry players.

In today’s interconnected world, embracing ecosystems is of paramount importance to address the customer in the moment of need, whether it be fostering direct customer relationships or integrating with organizations that own the customer interface" [McKinsey].

apfie is utilizing the ecosystem to create connected insurance that understands the customer’s life journey, lifestyle, and risk in real-time.  

01 / Insurers 

Scalable, cloud-native, technology to handle the complexity required for the rapid creation and management of next-generation insurance products designed for the digital era.


02 / Companies

We provide easy access to a global insurer’s network via simple APIs or Widgets, removing the pain points integrating to insurers  so that our partners have 99% less work to do within their own development processes

03 / Data

We are using a data-driven approach and machine learning to create smart insurance that understands the customer’s life journey, lifestyle, and risk in real-time.  


Winning the micro-moments

Micro-moments are intent reach, contextual and immediate moments for which the consumer turns to a Device\ Product\ Brand - to take a certain action.
We are reshaping insurance distribution by creating real-time, contextual, micro insurances that can be offered, at the right moment with the micro-moments that are part of our daily lives.


Connected Insurance

Interconnected sets of services in a single integrated experience​
Event-driven, Respond to each customer's unique needs in real-time and offer them the protection they need, exactly when they need it.
Next-generation, ecosystem distribution models.

Data-driven, simple acquisition processes (Click to purchase) optimized for conversion and lifetime value, Continuous dynamic underwriting as opposed to traditional term-based updates and renewals.​

Privacy by design, anonymized data, no PII, customer data is not shared with insurers.

About us

Our story

Based on many years of experience working in the most advanced online industries we've created the ultimate platform for insurance distribution.

Our vision

We believe the next-generation insurance products should be simple, personalized, and offered at the point of sale as a value-added service to the product (or service) that the customers are looking for.

Why apfie?

Access to new populations and new markets with unique insurance products.

Managed distribution channel, optimized for conversion and lifetime value.

Speed and Flexibility to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Reduce distribution costs and improve underwriting.


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