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01 / For Insurers

Simplify insurer’s work to expose new products as services, no need to replace Insurer’s core infrastructure.

apfie provide the missing components like: flexible billing, underwriting (in some cases), regulations support, data enrichment and analytic.

02 / For partners

We provide an easy access to a global insurer’s network via simple APIs or Widgets, removing the pain points integrating to insurers  so that our partners have 99% less work to do within their own development processes

03 / Data

We normalize ,ingest, secure, cleanse, aggregate, and enrich data from multiple sources to improve distribution funnels, claim process, underwriting and fraud prevention.


Distribution as a Service

Embedded insurance & purchase experience  

Tailored for the distribution partner’s industry, his customer base  & services.


End to End fully managed and monitored  acquisition funnels.

Real time analytics

Advance real time analytics based on multiple data sources, user behavior and ML algorithms  to provide deeper insights, to optimize the acquisition funnels , improve underwriting and reduce fraud.

Distribution automation

AI&ML based distribution automation : Performance based funnel optimization, offer personalization, price optimization , targeting automation, real time risk management.


Shared Mobility

On demand, usage based micro insurance


Cyber insurance for small business 

Gig Economy

Next generation insurance for uninsured population

Credit Card Providers

Bancassurance  distribution solution for credit card & payment providers




Based on many years of experience working in the most advance online industries we developed the ultimate distribution platform for the Insurance & Financial Industry.

We believe the next generation insurance should be simple to understand , personalized and offer at the point of sale as a value added service to the product or service that the customers are looking for. 


We are building an Insurance ecosystem that will  bridge the gap between insurers and partners with an existing user base, we are creating new distribution channels as well as insights for insurers and new monetization opportunities for companies outside the insurance world.


Based on Digital ecosystem mindset – we understand insurance but design our product services in a consumer mindset (B2B2C/B2D).

apfie enabling new opportunities in emerging verticals like: cyber, gig economy and micromobility.

We decouple consumers from Insurers, saving the business and technical complexity for both sides

Our ecosystem works both ways – insurers will get access to new sources of data and analytics.

Built for scale – built on top of modern cloud architecture: micro services, event sourcing, serverless