Insurance to our EVERYDAY LIVES

We are reshaping insurance distribution by creating real-time, 

contextual insurances that can be offered, at the right moment with the micro-moments that are part of our daily lives.

Digital Businesses

From mobility and travel to healthcare and retail, companies are reshaping traditional industries, breaking apart old value chains, and reassembling them into customer-focused digital ecosystems.

We enable businesses (Banks, Telcos, Shared mobility operators, Retailers, etc.) to offer protection to their customers with personalized insurance as a true value-added service integrated seamlessly into their products


apfie provides easy access to a global insurer’s network via simple APIs or Widgets, removing the pain points integrating to insurers so that our partners have 99% less work to do within their own development processes.


apfie enables insurers to multiply their distribution 
capabilities and reduce distribution costs.

We’ve built an insurance product factory, powered by event sourcing technology and AI, which leverages data from customer touchpoints, 3rd party sources, IoT, and Sensors to build data-driven insurance offerings that fit perfectly into our daily lives.

Scalable, cloud-native, technology to handle the complexity required for the rapid creation and distribution of next-generation insurance products designed for the digital era.

About us

Our story

Based on many years of working in the most advanced online industries and proven track record of managing performance based customer acquisition we've created the ultimate platform for insurance distribution.

Our vision

We believe the next-generation insurance products should be simple, personalized, and offered at the point of sale as a value-added service with the product (or service) that the customers are looking for.

Why apfie?

Access to new populations and new markets with unique insurance products.

Managed distribution channel, optimized for conversion and lifetime value.

Speed and Flexibility to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Reduce distribution costs and improve underwriting.