Connected Digital Life


Protecting yourself, your family, and your digital memories against online threats

A complete digital protection package

Insurance + Protection/Prevention + Support

A Click to purchase personal cyber insurance that can be offered with the products that are parts of our everyday lives like Mobile plans, electronic devices, or a premium membership benefit.

Simple. Context-based. Affordable.

Tovia, Your personal cyber Buddy

Protecting our digital life​

An intelligent Chatbot that guides users, with no technical background, on how to perform very simple steps to secure their digital lives and increase their privacy.


Smart home protection app

A cyber shield around your home to Protect and Detect any intrusions or hack to your WiFi, Network, and Devices (Computers, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Cameras, Smart home devices, and more).

Immediate response services via chatbot.

Cross-selling of other insurance products.

Proactive protection.


Personal cyber insurance

On-Demand riders insurance

Shared-mobility insurance

Connected cyber insurance

On-Demand travel insurance

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